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Impressively, both Bluetooth 4.0 and 802.11ac Wi-Fi will come standard, the latter of which is optional on some of Lenovo’s more high-end laptops and 2-in-1s.

For storage, you’ll have 64 GB of e MMC cache storage, plus either a 1 TB HDD or a 1 TB SSHD, which shrinks to 500 GB on the Flex 3 11.

It always felt really natural, like an extension of drawing.

The Flex 3 14 and 15 will also feature brand new 5th generation Intel Core i processors, while the 11 probably represents a weaker value with an Intel Pentium processor.In 2006, Glover was contacted by David Miner, to whom he sent writing samples including a spec script that he had written for The Simpsons.Miner and Tina Fey were impressed by Glover's work and invited him to become a writer for the NBC series 30 Rock.SEE ALSO: 'Meanest mom ever' teaches her kids a hard lesson on manners NBC Bay Area reporter Pete Suratos was in the middle of doing a live shot on Friday about Hillary Clinton's fundraiser in San Francisco when a woman pulled off one of the most risqué photobombs of all time.The giggling blonde snuck up behind Suratos and quickly flashed her breasts straight into the camera's lens.

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