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The Private void txt Cr_Lost Focus()event occurs when the input focus leaves the debit text box control.

: I have two fields on the screen that I use to enter a date range.

When the user leaves a field and clicks the Help button, the user will be able to view the help without first validating the field. You can set this parameter to True if you want to keep focus on the field that is in error.

Alternatively, you can set the Cancel parameter to False (the default) if you want to allow the end-user to continue entering data without immediately correcting the problem.

But since the lostfocus event will put focus back to the box, the user won't be able to exit.

You should probably set a variable if the validation fails, and check the value before committing the data.

The default event of the Text Box is the Text Changed Event.

As you leave a field, the Validate event is then generated before any of the focus events (such as Lost Focus) are generated.

validating textbox control in C#The above code checks whether numeric data is entered in the Credit textbox controls.

The Lost Focus() event occurs when the input focus leaves the control.

I want to check the entry on the lost focus with Is Date, and in the event that Is Date = False, inform the user, set the Focus back on the field, and Exit Sub before I continue.

Since the ending date field follows in the tab sequence, the resulting behavior is that it shows a message box from each control that that date does not work.

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