Updating starcraft 2

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Right now we're at a point where we need to step away from it and regroup.

It's likely we'll come back later at some point and maybe do some more playtesting, watch some playthroughs, gather all the feedback and go over all the remaining issues and things we feel should be improved more thoroughly. A big thank you to everyone who contributed to the project in some way (it's a long list which I'm not going to write here, just read the credits) and thanks to all the players for the massive amounts of feedback and continued interest in this project. - Jones, on behalf of the SCMR crew SCMR version 6.2 now available! Updated files: SCMRmod, SCMR Map Pack 1/2 & 2/2, SCMRlocal, Retro addon. Your campaign data and options will not be affected.

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Star Craft II is the much awaited sequel to the popular RTS game which picks off from where the story of the Brood War expansion ended.

You can view Blizzard’s overview of the patch here, but here are the biggest and best changes revealed to be a part of Star Craft II’s next update.

To anyone wondering why our team hasn't done X or has left in a bug - ultimately it comes down to a simple truth: time is limited.

We're a small team with varying levels of involvement and none of us are actively involved in this project all the time.

The Legacy (of the Void) Edition of the Starcraft and Brood War campaigns remake.

Mass Recall contains 68 maps, 59 from the original Brood War game, 3 that were hidden or deleted on various Starcraft supports, and 6 from the 1998 demo campaign.

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There are also two bosses: the Stank and the Nydus Worm.