Nerdydating com

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Nerdydating com

"We’ve found that many geeks feel the need to put on a secret identity just to impress their matches,” said Geek-in-Chief and Dragon Fruit founder Orie Enav.“We believe you should not have to disguise yourself as Clark Kent just to find a date.The badges rely on users picking their nerdy fandoms, from so the app can determine people's level of 'geekdom'.While the options are pretty stereotypically geeky, the more users identify with, the higher the level of nerd – which to potential dates might be make or break.Provided with the app are six different personality assessments: * Career - Career Recommendation, College Planning, Career Counseling/Guidance * Hero - Comic Book Recommendations, Super hero Marketing, Curated Nerd Culture Content, Nerdy Dating * Core - Dating, Content Curation * Introvert/Extrovert - Supplement to Career Assessment * Movies - Film / TV Recommendations, Media-related Content Curation * Persuasion - Identify Management Potential, Great Supplement to Career Assessment The application uses visual assessments that can be typically completed in under two minutes.A variety of assessments contained in the app can be used for hiring, team building, entertainment recommendations, dating, and more.Personality Types are used to predict preferences, strengths, and compatibility in different contexts.

Retrieve personality blends, types, traits and matching in just minutes.Explore below to discover the types, traits, and available extra detail found within our latest assessments. Contact us to discuss developing a custom assessment. Request Demo Personalize work-related sites and applications with Traitify’s Careers Assessment.The Careers deck offers developers rich data points including personality blend, types, traits and matching.There are niche dating apps for anyone and everyone.Finding dates with fellow dog lovers, men with beards and others working in the death profession has never been easier and, now, there's a dating app uniting the nerds among us.

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Traitify has developed a variety of personality assessments to capture data relevant to your business.