Laura vandervoort dating history

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Laura vandervoort dating history

She is a member of the House of El, as well as the only daughter of Zor-El.Chloe Sullivan created a false backstory for the authorities to cover Kara's sudden appearance in Smallville, explaining that she was Clark's cousin on his adoptive father's side, raised in Minnesota for the past 19 years until she was able to track down her one remaining blood relative.Kara became a target for Brainiac, who forced her to follow him into space.

"Roger Ebert felt Elvira's appearance was worth mentioning in his review, but I suspect he had a minimum word count to meet before his review went to press, and if youre going to break out the shovel to up the word count, you might as well talk about the chick with the great rack."It could have had great humor, brilliant action sequences, diabolical villains or even philosophical ideas that could make you think.

After Clark was ready to face Darkseid, Jor-El informed Kara that her destiny was elsewhere.

Whether you knock AM radio today for its relentless static or its lack of music, this is where it all began.

With the introduction of television to the masses in the late 1940s, radio's demise was assumed to be imminent.

Gordon Mc Lendon didn't let that happen: In 1947, he signed on KLIF, featuring a music format.

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The early 20th century brought the first radio stations to the Dallas-Fort Worth area: KFJZ (with roots dating back to 1917,) WRR (in 1920,) WPA, WBAP and WFAA (all in 1922,) and the rest is history (well, almost!