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Clergy, ethicists and brain injury experts agree: there are no easy answers. She has stood by me in mission work, in the pastorate. " Several recent examples reflect the complexities of love in medically challenging situations: "There's always an obligation, I think, to keep faith with your spouse, but the shape that that can take, morally speaking, can vary," said Darlene Fozard Weaver, an ethicist at Villanova Univer­sity in Pennsylvania.When a couple is faced with the sudden or gradual change in the person who now may no longer be able to give flowers or go out to the movies, it often means a new definition of love. When medical crises interrupt a couple's expectations of wedded bliss, there are all kinds of dynamics to consider: Is the ill spouse now abusive?But that can be a mixed bag because facial attraction is so subjective, plus I’m no Brad Pitt.After that, the hope has been to use my personality to charm them and get some chemistry going.'" recalled Weeks, a bishop who belongs to an independent charismatic church body.When the person you married goes through a dramatic change, what's a spouse to do?

MORE: The Tragic Risks of American Football Since the results were self-reported, the researchers could not determine causation, nor could they provide a definitive explanation for the gender differences.We spent countless hours and a small fortune on lawyers trying to fight for his freedom.Instead of breaking, though, our young romance flourished and grew stronger as we learned to lean on each other.We were both devastated by the failure of our judicial system.With no evidence tying him to the crime, and a witness and several receipts placing him out of state at the time of the incident, we couldn’t believe he could possibly be found guilty.

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(As new readers come across this post please keep in mind that I wrote it almost three years ago and my overall outlook on the topic as well as a number of related circumstances in my life have changed, as you can read after the post and in the comments below.

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