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Attraction and christian dating

This is not to say that physical attraction is the most important aspect to be considered when looking for a husband or wife.

For one thing, beauty should not be defined by the world.

We broke up for over six months while I wrestled with this issue in my heart, and I thought I had finally become content enough with his looks and personality to continue on with the relationship, but right after he proposed, the doubts appeared again, and I almost gave the ring back.

Now as the church submits to Christ, so also wives should submit to their husbands in everything.

I still don't have peace about marrying him, and I think it's due to a lack of attraction to him physically and emotionally.

His good qualities are dwarfed by the things I find annoying or even embarrassing, and I'm way more attracted to other guys physically.

Two years ago, I began dating a young man with whom I had recently become friends.

Although I wasn't romantically interested in him, my family members who introduced us urged me to give him a chance because of his godly character.

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We all need to be mindful of our tendency to respond to people based on looks, and to strive to value everyone equally, whether they’re sparkling and beautiful, or unlovely and odd.

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