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Nancy, Andy, and Silas take menial jobs as scab labor at a local hotel, where Nancy discovers the resident drug dealer is also on strike.

As Nancy and Andy leave the weed dealer's house, they are confronted by two police officers and questioned about unpaid parking tickets linked to the (stolen) license plates on Andy's minivan. Cesar and Ignacio receive a phone call from Dodge about the location of the van (which blew a tire when Andy tried to remove a police boot with a blowtorch).

Unable to enter Canada without the baby's birth certificate, Nancy, Andy, Silas, Shane, and Stevie assume new identities as "The Newmans" (as Nathalie, Randy, Mike, Shawn, and Avi, respectively) and settle in Seattle, Washington.

Silas and Shane remain the same age this season while Stevie is three months old.

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To help them run and hide in the jungle, these tigers are smaller than other tigers.